Tips and Tricks

* WE DO NOT RECOMMEND USING WATER ON THE INSIDE OF THE SMOKER. Water should be avoided on the inside of the cook chamber. If you feel it necessary to use a pressure washer to clean the cook chamber for any reason be sure to keep smoker open until completely dry. You must re-season the cook chamber afterwards.


*Keeping your cooker well-seasoned will prevent rust and premature deterioration.


*We highly recommend Royal Oak Lump charcoal in our cookers. It offers a good clean burn. If you are looking for a briquette, we recommend the Royal Oak Chef Select. You will get a slower burn using briquettes making them ideal for long cooks.


*While it is possible to use our gravity fed cookers without a draft control device, we highly recommend the investment. Our cookers are designed to be used with a device such as a Guru. Without using one you will experience slower heat recovery as well as more inconsistent pit temperatures. Again, to have the best and easiest cooking experience we highly recommend a draft control device.


*A piece of foil can be placed between the cooker and the seal of the charcoal chute to help prolong the life of your seal. This is a natural place for moisture to affect the seal.