Replacing Smoker Seal



  • New seal
  • A drill with a 1/8 in drill bit
  • Sheet metal screws OR aluminum head rivets with rivet gun
  • Scissors



Step One

Use your drill to drill out all the existing rivets


Step Two

Remove the old seal and discard


Step Three

One of your corners will have 3 holes at a 90-degree angle instead of two. This is where we recommend you start. Attach your seal with your screw or rivet beginning at the second from the corner hole (diagram A). Leave enough seal to reach the corner hole as this is where you will also end (diagram B).


Step Four

Work away from your starting corner attaching seal using the existing holes.


Step Five

Once you are back to your starting corner, overlap the overhanging piece of seal from the first rivet with the other end of the seal. For this hole you will attach both pieces of seal using one rivet or screw going through both pieces. (Diagram C)


Step Six

Trim the excess seal off at the starting corner.