Cooker Care



Scrape racks with a wire brush to remove any built-up food of grease. Use a paint scraper to scrape off the top of the heat distribution, removing grease or food particles. Clear grease from the bottom of the cook chamber. Empty your charcoal chute completely.



Complete above steps as well as scrape all walls including top of the inside of the cook chamber. Use an air compressor or blower to blow out the heat distribution to clean the inside. If this is not done on a regular basis ash will build up causing your power draft control device (if using one) to run more than necessary. This will heat your fire box to a glowing red causing the metal to deteriorate as well as warp your cook chamber.




Because we use an automotive paint the best way to wash the outside of your cooker is with a microfiber cloth and an automotive car wash solution. These can be found easily at any auto parts store.



Special precaution should be taken to keep your cooker seals dry. If your seals become wet and mix with ash, dust, grease, etc. they will dry compressed and hard. The seal on your charcoal chute is especially prone to this due to the moisture in most charcoal. We recommend placing a piece of foil between the seal on top of the cooker. This will keep the condensation on the foil instead of your seal. If your seal becomes dirty, wash it with a solution of Dawn dish soap and a tooth brush and rinsing thoroughly. Do this until the seal is as close to the original white color as possible. Leave the door open to let air dry. DO NOT CLOSE THE DOOR UNTIL COMPLETELY DRY OR COMPRESSION WILL OCCUR. New seal can also be purchased here.







Wipe off any surface rust with a damp cloth

Light your cooker

While cooker is coming up to a temp of 250-300 degrees, spray the entire inside with cooking oil. (A couple of cans of cooking spray will work) Be sure to AVOID THE SEAL.

Let the cooker run for 2 to 3 hours before allowing to cool down.
This process can be repeated after cooling if desired.

You can also see us season our new smoker on our YouTube channel!