About Us

Deep South Smokers is a company born from passion and necessity. In the early 2000's the Bowman family stepped into the BBQ world by starting a small vending and catering business. However, finding the perfect equipment for the job proved to be tough. While there were many commercial smokers available, they could not seem to find the perfect balance of quality and style. After a few years, a cross country move, and many BBQ competitions later Deep South Smokers was born.

Randall Bowman took all the business experience he had along with the knowledge he gained using and fixing other BBQ smokers and built his ideal pit. An easy to use, efficient smoker that did not need constant fire management. The best part? It was a show piece as well!

With proper engineering, top-notch craftsmanship Deep South Smokers is expanding their lineup with other styles and types of BBQ smokers and grills. However, the mission stays the same, to create cookers and live fire equipment that will last a lifetime and do it with style.