Patio Model Gravity Fed BBQ Smoker - 2 to 3 butts per rack- Smaller Foot Print Ideal for Patios and Backyards
The Patio
The Patio
The Patio
The Patio
The Patio
The Patio

The Patio

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The DSS Patio model is made for just that, your patio! While it is the same cooking size as the RGC it's deeper cook chamber and smaller door often make it better for smaller areas. 




(3) 16 1/2" x 23 1/2" expanded steel racks are standard

4” spacing between racks (custom spacing available)

4 rack runners (can add more upon request)

Comes standard with 3.25” exhaust

Patented heat distribution made of 3” x 6” steel tube 

Exterior is 31” wide 50” deep 64” tall (with 8" wheels)

Toggle Latch Closure

(2) side probe ports



15lbs of lump charcoal

20lbs of briquettes 

Holds roughly 6 to 8 pork butts

Runtime is approximately 15 hours without having to be refilled at 225°

A 25 CFM  fan and draft control device is recommended


Additional Standard Racks


Additional Round Bar Racks


Upgraded Seal


Stainless Push Bar


Locking, keyed slam latch



The Bones of a Gravity Fed

12 Gauge exterior skin and interior cook chamber

2” x 2” steel tube frame

1” x 1” steel handle

2” thick Roxul insulation in all doors and lining inside exterior walls

4” insulation around charcoal chute/firebox and cook chamber wall

1 ½” steel pipe nipple on ash box door for air draft control device

(4) 5,000-pound D rings

8” soft rubber, swivel, locking casters on front side    

 No body filler

Fully welded rather than screws or rivets

 Automotive paint with endless color options

Ash boxes are 8”x8”x12” with ¼” steel. Ash pan included

½” thick grate in charcoal chute

Patented heat distribution made with 4”x8” steel tube. ¼” thick (GC28 and larger)

Sloped floors for easy drainage with ball valve

Steam pan holder for grease drain

Toggle clamp latches at the top and bottom of chamber doors as well as fire box and charcoal chute.

3” dial, 6” stem thermometer

*Shipping is quoted and charged separately due to the large size and weight. We will contact you the next business day; please make sure your contact info is correct.