Deep South Smokers

The Grand Champion of Smokers



Overall dimensions 53”x32”x37” 

(3) 19”x23” racks 

Top rack is 40” from the ground 

Rack runners are 6” apart 

Heat diverter will also hold a water pan 

Charcoal grate for optional grilling 

Maze charcoal basket for extended burn time 

Removable ash pan for ease of cleaning 

Large front clean out door 

Drain in the floor with ball valve 

Works as a dry smoker, water smoker and grill

RGC Model




2 expanded steel racks measuring 65 ½” x 35 ½”  

Custom 3rd rack designed to hold 4 full size steam pans to allow for water cooking 

5 rack runners for expanded cooking capabilities.   

2 Charcoal chutes with ash pans and grates 

2 Patented heat distribution systems made of 4” x 8” steel tube 

DOES NOT come with inset box  

3 4” exhaust stacks with top damper to ensure proper air flow 

Comes with standard legs ready to mount to your trailer 

3” dial, 6” stem thermometer in both cook chamber doors 

3 expanded steel racks measuring 22 ½” x16 ½” 

5 rack runners for expanded cooking capabilities.  Spaced 6” apart 

Patented heat distribution made of 3” x 6” steel tube 

2” x 4” side exhaust with damper control 

Standard 8” soft rubber, swivel, locking casters on the front. 4.8 x 8” pneumatic trailer wheels and tires on back side. These are 5 lug wheels on true trailer axle spindles and hubs.